Erika Misaki
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Real Erika color pic

Rōmaji Misaki Erika
Personal Information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Eye Purple, Green (original)
Hair Jasmine, Black (original)
Manga debut Chapter 1

Erika Misaki is one of the main character of Wildcard. She wrote a fantasy book, "My Dream World".


Misaki has black hair and green eyes. She wears a eyepatch over left eye for an unknown reason. She wears glasses.

After her imaginations turns reality, she becomes pretty as she wished for. In her new and current body, she has blonde hair and purple eyes. Like in original form, she covers her left eye with a pretty looking teal butterfly patch, but wears no glasses. Her hair are tied in two ponytails and has two longs bangs in front. She wears violet lipstick as well.



Erika sees Daisuke.

She is found naked by Daisuke Yamamoto and tells him not look. She is asked some questions by Daisuke. She heard a alarm. Then, she sees Emerald Maria Habu. She asked for and gets some cloths from her. After reading Daisuke's notebook, Emerald reads Erika's "My Dream World" which made Erika really embarrassed.

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